Lawsuit Defense



Lawsuit Defense

If a debt is left unresolved, a creditor can file a lawsuit in an attempt to collect the debt. Once the judgment is obtained, creditors will have additional abilities to collect the debt. Depending the on the state you live in, once a judgment is obtained, collectors may be able to:

  • Garnish your wages

  • Seize federal and state tax returns

  • Put a lien on any property that you own

  • Seize nonexempt assets, including investments

  • Collect additional interest, legal fees, and collections costs

Bankruptcy is NOT the only answer.

Many people think bankruptcy is the only answer when faced with a lawsuit. While bankruptcy can stop a creditor who is seeking to obtain a judgment, an attorney can often arrange an affordable out-of-court settlement for you with the creditor. More often than not, when a creditor files a lawsuit, it is in an attempt to obtain a “default judgment” because few people actually respond to the lawsuits. Answering a lawsuit can be a strenuous process for someone who is not familiar with the law.


An Advantage Legal Center attorney can respond to a lawsuit, prevent a default judgment, and work to negotiate an out-of-court resolution with your creditor. This may include a settlement for less than what is owed or a low or zero-interest long-term repayment arrangement. Our attorneys work with clients to provide affordable and flexible legal fees. If you have an account that is threatening legal action, being collected by an attorney, or if you have recently received a summons, contact us right away! Your time to take action is limited, and the sooner you act, the more options you may have available to you.

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